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Who says tech copy has to be dull? On with the show!


Whatever you want to say, see or show, Toshiba projectors let you do it in a very big way―and in a variety of different settings.  From over-the-top business presentations to product demonstrations that wow, to virtual white boarding and high-def multimedia, they lend stunning brightness and clarity to any subject―and make you look quite brilliant too.

Take the show on the road.

Toshiba mobile projectors are compact and lightweight but far from light on power, offering excellent brightness, versatility, resolution, plus superb color fidelity.  Whether you’re a sales or marketing pro off to win the big account, a product demonstrator, or part of a field training team, these traveling machines make it easy to set-up and go, then pack up and leave—no matter how technically minded you are (or aren’t). 

Put them on the edge of their seats.

When you really need to command attention―in a conference room, trade show hall or most any venue at all, Toshiba conference room projectors are definitely the way to go.  They offer the utmost in brightness and resolution, plus a wealth of powerful extras for expanding and enhancing the show—like wireless connectivity, a built-in document camera, HD-compatibility, and more.  Whatever you bring to the table, these machines really make you shine.