Olivecrest Mailer

Olivecrest Mailer

Imagine you’re a six-year-old waking Christmas day to find not a beautifully adorned tree and gifts, but a dark room and a bag of garbage with your name on it…


That was young Michael’s world. Abused and neglected in his previous home, he was deemed worthless, and told that “bad kids got trash” from Santa.
But since coming to Olive Crest, Michael has celebrated his first holiday season with presents—including a new bike. His sweet nature has returned, he’s adjusting well, and being adopted by loving foster parents. Most important, his life is now alight with hope like the Christmas tree he never had.

More children like Michael need your help

Though tragic, Michael’s background is far from unique.  Traumatized by mistreatment, many kids have never grown up in joyful expectation of the holidays like the rest of us.  These times can be especially hard for distressed, at-risk families.  And, sadly, it’s the children who always seem to suffer the most.

But Olive Crest presents a loving hand—and a ray of hope, serving nearly 1,000 children and families in California, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest each day.