waltonWell, it seems I’ve managed to mold a somewhat offbeat résumé into a pretty respectable career as an experienced copywriter and creative director.

For the past 20 years I’ve helped some of the country’s top companies connect with their audience, extend their brand and increase their marketing performance.  Prior to that I amassed a solid background in print, direct sales, lettershop and database marketing working on both the client and agency sides of the business.

I have the heart and soul of a creative writer with the analytical, hard-left brain of a marketer—one highly experienced in product positioning, audience segmentation and profiling, message development, and much more.

And though I have won my share of awards, I really don’t try to be on the podium. Instead, I’m guided by the belief that I’m here not to please a panel of judges, but you—and ultimately the audience you hope to win.

Oh, I’m also easy to work with, check my ego at the door, and never, ever break a commitment. Ever.